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Team Members: Vandna Ekta Problem Statement: Automated Time table updation  Idea is based upon the problem which we student face daily because of cancellation of classes. It is simply a waste of time for students.  So using automated Time tabel updation our time table would get automatically update before  4 am on the bases of availability of faculty for that particular day. If it is possible for other teacher to take the class then he/she can marked their availability. Student will receive the updated time table prior to next morning.  User Persona: In this project our target audience would be faculty members whose availability decides time tabel for next day and students who face problem because of cancellation of classes.  Updation of time table by faculty. Student can access the time table only in read format.  Interview: After declaring our problem statement we interacted with our classmates and with few more college students to know the depth of problem, we asked certain questions to then related to what type of problem they face because of cancellation of classes and why they need it's important to solve this issue. We asked questions like how it's gonna help them in future.And its…

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