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Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi

Team Members: Aditya Shankar,Sagar Vyas, Viraj Vilas Kapurkar, Dhritimaan Das Problem Statement: Mobile phones are used almost by each and every individual of our country and most of them use fingerprint recognition to unlock themselves.  Since in today's generation security for valuable items like money, jewellery etc plays a prime role in one's life. Also, the fact that the rate of robberies in houses has increased has motivated us to propose a kind of lock system that uses a biometric feature of the human to unlock.  We use the advantage of the former and try to modify the existing biometric based lock system to use the biometric feature from our mobile phone for unlocking purposes. Our main improvisation would be using the biometric feature that we use to unlock our smartphones instead of registering the biometric feature in the lock itself to reduce cost and at the same time would secure our belongings. Through this project, we would be developing a biometric-based lock system that uses the biometric feature like a fingerprint to unlock the lock. This could have another prime advantage that the lock could be unlocked remotely using the smartphone eliminating the use of the conventional key system.…

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