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Farmer’s Messenger

Team Members: Rohith Rajesh Problem Statement: Farming being the primary sector of the economy , has been facing lots of problems from all directions from land to equipment to climatic changes . But the lack of connectivity between landlords and farmers have caused a bigger problem by not only urging the landlords to sell their lands owing to insufficient farmers for doing the ground work but also by forcing the farmers to migrate to cities in search of a job to count on their living . Loss of agricultural land is a huge problem as it becomes difficult to produce the required amount of food to feed the growing population. Hence we need to take certain concrete steps to encounter this aggrevating problem. User Persona: The app helps in connecting 1. The Landlords who are into farming but facing labour shortage and the Unemployed farmers searching for jobs to earn for their living. 2. The landlords who are ready to lease their lands and the Farmers who are looking for lands for rent/lease at particular locations during particular seasons in order to pursue farming suitable for the location and climatic conditions.3.The farmers and the Scholars in the agriculture field who…

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