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Team Members: DEBASISH PANDA, SUMAN SOURAV PRUSTY Problem Statement: In night , our Indian soldier who are in border .They faced many problems at night because terrorist enters to our country at night to attack .  Indian soldier  can't detect  and seen while they are crossing the border line . When terrorist enter to our country we can't say how much destruction they make . User Persona: When the terrorist enters into our country  we can't say when and where they will attack and it is very dangerous to us as well as to our country like:- URI ATTACK:- In  2016 when terrorist enters to our country at night and it was not detected by indian soilders . And they finally enters into URI military base camp at night.They come with the perfect planing and at midnight they starts firing and they kill our twenty soilders at night.After a strict investigation we know that the terrorist who enters in the URI military base camp,they cross the border at midnight and our soilders not able detect when the terrorist enters...and if this will happen continously more and more terrorist will enters into our country and start destruction in our country.

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