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Team Members: Sagar , Anurag , David Problem Statement: Distributors face lots of problems in supplying goods to small shopkeepers. Distributors do this with the help of a salesman. But they face difficulties with a salesman.The salesman takes orders in notebooks which are difficult to manage. The distributor is not able to get the details of all orders and delivery in real-time and they to have to collect data with every salesman independently. As all the work is manual any small mistake in calculation cost them a huge loss. And if any manual record is accidentally damaged it creates a big issue. Also, they face a lot of difficulties in managing payment collection from shopkeepers. And last, if any salesman leaves his job it creates a big issue as the distributor does not have all the information about the shopkeeper he was dealing with. User Persona: Ramlal is a Pepsico distributor of Palwal an urban city. He supplies Pepsi in the whole city. The city has more than 1000 shops to which the distributor supplies the item. He has appointed 50 salesmen for that. But he faces many problems to manage them. Daily he has to ask every salesman and…

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