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Team Members: bhavya , meghna sagar , ritika , debadrita dey Problem Statement: As  poplulation is increasing the scarcity of water is increasing. India's water crisis is often attributed because of  increased corporate privatization , industrial and human waste. We are making a app The application will include a questionnaire regarding the quality and quantity of sources of water available in the respective area. The application will thus enable the farmers (who are the basic data providers) to easily enter this data about every farmland in their local language.The farmers will be given the facility to update the irrigation details about their farmlands time to time. The farmers will be verified through online Aadhar card number authentication. The data hence collected can be further analysed through a web application which will facilitate the Irrigation Department and other Water Management Authorities in identifying the areasneeding immediate irrigation help to ensure harkhetkopani. User Persona: This app will not only help provide a solution to the problem of water crisis but will also help farmers to provide a facility of improve water conditions. According to data collected in india we are facing 50% of water related issues and more than 100 million people of…

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