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CSR fund For Village development

Team Members: 1.Bhavana Sinha 2.Arshiya Sourire Problem Statement: 1.Every company needs to use a part of their fund as a CSR(corporate social responsibilty) fund where they had to carry a project for environment, village development, education etc. 2.Problem is : This CSR fund from many companies  isn't used for social welfare by them and just gets added to the government fund. This is because it's difficult to regulate this money as neither  such companies get to know about the problems of  villages that need more attention and are feasible to solve.  On the other hand, the villagers are unaware about such kind of fund. User Persona: 1.Villages 2.NGOs 3.MNCs who will get benefit by investing in villages. Interview: Link : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TfHRxGTe-5tPTsqemHg3cyuOxx-e7Mr8?usp=sharing User Journeys: Google Drive link for images : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TfHRxGTe-5tPTsqemHg3cyuOxx-e7Mr8?usp=sharing USER JOURNEY: 1) Our aim is to develop an easy-to-use platform to connect villages, NGOs and corporate together. 2) This would help to fill the gap among the three and helps in the development of villages by the effective use of CSR in minimum time and effort. 3) Through our platform(website): Villages can directly put their problems on our platform The system will rank the problems according to a criteria…

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