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Helping the people in Rural India

Team Members: Bharti Dua Problem Statement: Problem statement: Lack of opportunities and hence less skills and basic knowledge in the Rural India.  Description: There are people in the rural parts of India who do not have idea about the basic things like sanitation,women safety, may be cyber bullying, mental health,education, bank related matters, or any other online things- whether it's about using the digital platform or doing an online business with ease. Many people do not even have a fair idea of how to fill up online forms may be for colleges or government related stuff, they get their work done by paying an amount to the people who are familiar with the online platforms. So lack of opportunities in the rural India force them to either migrate to bigger cities and many of them accepting their fate and still being dependent on others. Its easy for men to migrate to cities for honing their skills but the most overlooked are the women who tends to suffer because of many issues, so the main problem is to help the women and the students with many small but important things to match the pace. So the idea is to give them the…

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