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Ineffective Hostel Management

Team Members: Prarthana Kandwal, Ayushi Gupta, Subasree Arvind Problem Statement: Hostel is an integral part of a student's life. But without an automation system, things can turn cumbersome and ineffective. For instance, if the tube light of a certain room is not working and an electrician is required for the same. Manually going to the warden and complaining about this and then taking updates from her leads to wastage of time and requires a lot of effort. This results in ineffective management. Consider another scenario wherein a hosteler has to take a leave for which she has to get the leave booklet signed by the warden. Now the person has to wait till the warden gets spare time. This leads to ineffectiveness and in some emergency situations could cause problems for the hosteler. Therefore having an application proves to be a boon for the effective running of the hostel as it will save time as well as the paperwork involved.  User Persona: IGDTUW students living in hostel , age group 18-24 Interview: My team and I interviewed our college hostellers about the above stated problem and asked them the following questions -   1)What is the process for applying for a leave…

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