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Team Members: ashutosh routaray, angelina maharana Problem Statement: In daily day to day life there are certain requirements of people that aren't fulfilled within a span of one to two hour, like doing two things at one time where there should be another person present right there but that isn't possible so people have to skip certain things and postpone it for later in the day. User Persona: i find people have to adjust according to their time, which a lot of times becomes a hectic work. Waiting days and weeks for some basic market stuffs becomes impatient for a lot people. Also things which need some assistance from nearby people aren't available in time. Interview: I interviewed some of my colleague and found this as feedback, user 1 said : yes this has been a daily problem to them as they want stuffs within one to two hours but getting out and buying them  physically becomes hectic as they are stuck in some business or workplace.  user 2 said: if there's something which can do things you just said then this will definitely solve their daily to daily basic work. User Journeys: BEFORE: let x be a person working in…

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