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Conventional Attendance System

Team Members: Anushka Sharma, Divya Pant, Nandini Singh, Srinidhi Ayyagari Problem Statement: The conventional attendance system requires the Professor to take attendance in the attendance register. The attendance of every student is then submitted to the Administration Department. The whole process is very time consuming and complex. It may be possible that the attendance of two students gets interchanged and this can cause some serious problems. Also, the attendance of the students is not visible online on the student platform because of the delay in the above procedure.Target Audience:Teachers:In many colleges, teachers follow the conventional system to take attendance. This requires them to maintain a record of every student and inform the students who have less attendance.Also, they need to ensure that the record is submitted to the Administration Department for submission of attendance. This procedure takes days to complete and teachers end up taking attendance on a sheet which has a high possibility of being lost.Students:Whilst teachers are the ones who face major issues, the students also find it challenging to deal with this conventional system. The online student portal of many colleges doesn't regularly update the attendance of students because it is tedious to maintain a regular record.…

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