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Team Members: Anushka Narula, Shreya Rastogi, Stuti Chauhan Problem Statement: Our college does not have a specific platform where the students can be informed of all the sessions, workshops or seminars being conducted on a particular day. If a college society conducts a session/event, the information related to it comes to our  WhatsApp groups or on social media platforms and It gets very difficult to keep track of all the college events on a particular day. At times, students miss out some important sessions/events that one intends to attend. The organizers also face difficulty in booking rooms or halls for the session. Many a times the timings and the venue for the session/event of different societies clashes and then it becomes very difficult to manage things. User Persona: Target Audience: Students of IGDTUW- They can easily access the information regarding any upcoming event and decide accordingly.  Heads of college societies-They can easily decide the date, time and venue for their session/event and can avoid any sort of clashes on an event of one society with that of another.   Interview: In the 1st year of our college life at IGDTUW, we observed that our college has no specific platform where…

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