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Team Members: Amulya satpathy ,Arshlaan noor Problem Statement: The accident caused due to hair pin roads of the ghat areas.As Lack of of protective measures taken to prevent this.People face major accident and damage to thier vehicles ,some major accidents¬† are also leading to death.Along the ghat areas the hair pin roads are severely dangerous during raining and foggy days.Main aim of my idea is to prevent accidents. User Persona: Last year some ghat areas'¬† contain many hair pin roads in India.People residing there had also said even they face accidents.They face sometimes problems as there is no nearly hospitals.They have also mentioned that they have also seen many accident which lead to death and some injured people with dislocations. Interview: Yeah,everyone is facing that problem in hair pin roads.Traditional solution is to blow horns and use of speedbreakers,but i have observed that speed breakers arent available there too.There is a way to prevent this .Horns and speedbreakers are not 100 % save.There is a way to resolve this problem Using sensors and led screen.The LED screen will detect the speed of the other vehicle of the U turn and will display the distance from the vehicle from the turning…

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