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Team Members: ANKISHA NAYAK , ANINDITA PATTNAIK , ANUSHKA GIRI , RACHITA RITALI Problem Statement: Have you encountered a news article headlined killer air inside holes or killer holes under our nose claims 2 lives??? Yes, you guessed it right maybe that someone has died cleaning the wastewater or literally shit that our house produces on a daily basis. Have we ever wondered why there is manual cleaning of the sewage and wastewater and septic tank?? The sewage problem is a dire solution needed part of today’s society. The problem isn’t the very word that causes pollution but the only thing that affects the society how the sewage is treated. The cleaning of sewage is not very advanced as we use to see in the discovery channel of any other country. The best part of the sarcastic comment upon the public work is nothing is done even after digging up of roads in few several years. The smell causes a deadly environment both for the on goers and the manual sewage cleaners. Manual scavenging act was a deadly act that was hesitantly planned and being passed in the parliament that didn’t address the basic problems of manual scavenging and the…

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