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environmental issues-air pollution

Team Members: ashutosh routaray, angelina maharana Problem Statement: Pollution is one of the greatest threat to mankind.To be specific,Indian capital New Delhi the ninth-most populated metropolis in the world $ the second largest if the entire NCR is included.And one of the most heavily polluted cities in India. User Persona: Motor vechile emissions are one of the causes of poor air quality.other causes include wood-burning fires,fires on agricultural land,exhaust from diesel generators,dust from construction sites,burning garbage and illegal industrial activities,heavy population. Interview: USER1:1.The pollution has increased due to crackers after diwali. 2.Public transport should be used. 3.Pooling of vechiles for similar destination. USER2:1.Heavy population 2.Greenary development 3.Heavy use of air conditioners User Journeys: BEFORE: Let there be a person X suffering from environment  issues such a pollution, his life has been stuck in a nutshell. His and his families life span has been reduced. his health is been affected from past several years. AFTER:Now that the problem of pollution is solved or in other words taken in control the person can live a normal , healthy and wealthy life ahead. his family can intake pure oxygen and minerals. 

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