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Team Members: Aman Kumar Singh, Amlan Nandy, Ashish Jena, Akash kumar Problem Statement: Two-wheeler On-demand-cab service drivers lose potential customers due to unfamiliarity with new neighborhoods & customers lose time due to the same reason. Becoming an on-demand-cab driver like Rapido™ captains, is a secondary job & these captains as such are unfamiliar with the various destinations the customers need to go and they either ask pedestrians for the routes, or frequently refer to their mobiles which adds to danger of being on two wheels and loss of time. Some reasons of road accidents are:- Car accidents due to human error - One of the most common causes of road accidents is human error. However, we can only control our own driving and not that of other drivers on the road. Some of the causes for human errors while driving include: Distracted driving - The increase in technology gadgets built directly into the vehicles have played a part in causing distraction to drivers. Some of the common elements that cause distraction include dvd players, cell phones, and presence of noisy children or pets. Activities such as applying make-up or browsing the internet while one is behind the wheel should be strictly…

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