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Machinery for rescue (borewells )

Team Members: Suganthan , Reneesh, Akshaya , Adithya. Problem Statement: In recent times the casualties due to infants falling into open borewells and manholes have increased. Even with sophisticated instruments people are unable to save these children. User Persona: We are well aware of the tragic death of Sujith who was struck in a borewell for 5 days . What we aren't aware of is that the two-year-old Sujith Wilson is not the only child to have met with a tragic end after falling into an abandoned borewell as at least 10 other children had died in a similar manner in Tamil Nadu over the past 15 years. It is shocking to know that this has been happening over a decade but nothing has been done to prevent further such incidents . The aim would be to create a "bore robot " or a similar device to rescue another such casualty

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Drones and mechanism for Agriculture

Team Members: Suganthan, Reneesh, Akshaya, Adithya Problem Statement: Farmers face a lot of problems , the main being pests and inadequate mechanism for irrigation and fertilization . They are also unable to monitor the crops at times which results in the decrease in production . User Persona: Farmers in India¬† not only face problems regarding pests and inadequate mechanism for irrigation fertilization but they are unable to afford it . A harvest with low yeild leading to debts leave a damage not only in the economy but also their lives . Drone farming helps in Aerial seeding, crop surveillance,Fertilization,Spraying pesticides , monitoring of crops .Our motive is to provide these facilities with affordable prices . They can further be used for livestock management and monitoring . Interview: interviewer: how many acres of land do u own ?farmer: i totally own 5 acres of land out of which i have vegetated 3 acres with groundnut and 2 acres with banana.interviewer: how much fertilizers do you use ?farmer: the range of fertilizers differ from 45 to 50 kg per acre.interviewer: how much pesticides do you use ?farmer: in general we use about 150 L of pesiticide in 1 hectare of land for…

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