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IoT Security

Team Members: Himanshu Purwar, Deepak Kumar, Akash Kaushal, Abhishek Kumar Problem Statement: With the increase in the number of IoT devices, the chances of DDoS attacks have been increased because of the less security in IoT devices. Hackers can use IoT devices as IoT Bot to increase the illegitimate traffic to the server by which normal users are not able to access the server properly. User Persona: In 2016, Dyn, a DNS service provider was hit by a DDoS attack of roughly 1.2 TBPS per second. The attack caused the mass disruption, bringing down websites of over 80 of its customers. The hackers created a botnet of over 100,000 IoT devices using the malware Mirai. The devices infected ranged from printers to smart televisions and were all programmed to send requests to Dyn and overwhelm it with traffic. Interview: In July 2016, Internet Service Providers in Mumbai were being targeted in a DDoS attack, said to be India's largest DDoS attack and world's largest attack against ISP's. The attack was of a large magnitude of 200 gigabytes per second. Because of that several ISPs of small and medium-size were interrupted for more than a week. DYN DDoS attack which was…

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