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Indoor Routing Guidance at Public Places

Team Members: Akhil P, Ajay S Problem Statement: In Malls or hospitals, 1.Locating our car parked in a multi-storied parking complex becomes a hectic task. 2.Direction to a shop or a patient's room is generally not a easy task (i.e Indoor Navigation System). 3.In case we face threats from others, to contact the security we must share our precise current location (i.e SOS). 4.Just by walking down the lane of shops we can get the offers that are currently present in our smartphones.  User Persona: General public is the main target audience, as this is a common problem faced by them in crowed indoor locations (especially in metro cities).  Interview: This is myself (Akhil) answering the question WHY this idea. Once while I was in a mall with my friends. We experienced some difficulties as mentioned below,  1.After parking our car we had to remember the parking floor and the spot were we had parked the car. 2.And as we were in a new mall we didn’t know the directions that we had to take to reach a store (Nike showroom). 3.As we spend almost a day in the mall, there was an incident were an old lady fell down and…

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