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The Visual Microphone

Team Members: K.Ajay Kumar Reddy,Sundeep Akella,V.S.A.Hemanth,Ch.Vijayendra Sai Problem Statement: Machine learning is changing the way we think about images and how they are created. Researchers have trained machines to generate faces, to draw cartoons, and even to transfer the style of paintings to pictures. It is just a short step from these techniques to creating videos in this way, and indeed this is already being done. All that points to a way of creating virtual environments entirely by machine. That opens all kinds of possibilities for the future of human experience. But there is a problem. Video is not just a visual experience; generating realistic sound is just as important. So an interesting question is whether machines can convincingly generate the audio component of a video. A good live-action video captures moving images and clear audio. Some videos, however, lack an original sound recording, and some have poor quality audio. Typically, creating a realistic soundtrack for a video can be tough and time-consuming. To avoid this, we need to generate audio from scratch using the given video.   User Persona: There are unintelligible sounds that are also more information to find recovered sounds. Identifying the number and gender of speakers in…

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