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Team Members: Aditya S; Ajith Bhaskar KS; Prashanth Saravanan; S.Sharan Vishnu; Problem Statement: Despite posing round-the-clock security guards and CCTVs, the number of ATM-related crimes is increasing every day.  According to the Reserve Bank of India, the amount lost in India in the past three years due to organized crime alone is  INR 168.74 crores. Not only does this cause a significant loss to banks, but it also poses a huge threat to the customers, who are often threatened/assaulted and sometimes killed in extreme cases.  User Persona: Priya is a 29-year-old female living on the outskirts of Chennai. She is dependent on the nearby ATM for cash. Gopal is a 65-year-old male who works as a security guard in an ATM near his house. He is dependent on his job to get through the day and due to his age, he is forced to work the night shift. One night, Priya uses the ATM around 11 pm. Two people wearing masks enter the ATM, assault Priya and force her to withdraw cash to take it from her. Gopal, who was sleeping all this while, wakes up and comes to her aid, only to get hit on the head. The robbers…

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