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The World-Wide Educational Crisis

Team Members: Kiran S Raj, Abhishek S, Arjun Pramod, Srishilesh P S Problem Statement: India is a country with a rural population greater than the urban population. Unfortunately, not every student in this country has access to quality education. There are children, even in 2019,  who have no access to education. Many villages have school buildings yet no regular teachers. The average quality of education provided is very poor in many parts of the world. User Persona: Children who do not have access to quality education in urban/rural areas around the world. Interview: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19_CG5uYByv1goRlXmY2T8C2b-D2AV0DI User Journeys: People say digitalisation has engulfed workspaces and has completely revolutionized the way work is done. Relatively newer technologies such as AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have also come into play. Why shouldn’t we approach this education crisis with the same approach? We propose a futuristic and virtual classroom augmented in our reality. Using the help of virtual headsets a digital learning platform can be created anywhere in the world where there is internet access. Today many villages have school buildings yet no regular teachers. This situation can be solved with Virtual Reality where the teacher can be present anywhere around the world and…

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