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Waste Management

Team Members: Abhishek Rajesh Pawaskar, Lanka Naga Sai Deep, Sai Vennela Gudimella Problem Statement:           With the increase in population, the amount of waste generated proves to be a huge problem for both humans and the environment and is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. The effects of these wastes are not only detrimental but also life threatening to all the life forms including humans. To be specific, if one single house produces 1 kg of waste every day then on an average the waste produced by that house for a year will be around 365 kg. Now imagine how much waste will be generated by the entire residential colony. All these waste collected by the municipality/corporation will be dumped in the landfills and if we see the entire life cycle of any material then we are seriously out of balance when it comes to materials as resources are renewable and can be recycled. But the way these wastes are managed is where the problem lies. User Persona: In any city or town, Corporations or municipalities are responsible for the primary administration and welfare of the public. In most of the cities the waste management…

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