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Team Members: Abhay, Rajeshwar, Dinesh Problem Statement: Deforestation is major issue which needs to be addressed. Its linked to lot of issues like loss of biodiversity and climate change. So the immediate solution that comes to our minds is reforestation and the problem here is that most of us won't be aware of the nature of the soil, the climate's influence on the soil and hence won't know what kind of plants or trees to grow in that soil. Due to climate change some plants also become non-adaptable and hence won't grow in that soil anymore. So we need a product that can analyze the soil and climate data of the region and suggest suitable plants that are supported in that area. User Persona: Government, non-profit organisations who promote reforestation, farmers and humanity as a whole. Interview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5cAYke3iKANwkJAjW4FSg-9ceX8UrBN/view?usp=drivesdk User Journeys: Existing user journey: Before the product, users had no idea what to plant in the particular region because there where many constraints like the soil type, its temperature and the climate influence. Even if they tried planting trees, they are not sure if it would grow because of the same reasons, hence people are discouraged and eventually stop caring about…

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