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Quality and experience in affordable price

Team Members: Abhay khandelwal,Govind Problem Statement: All people in the world need to cut their hairs but most of them are from middle class who can't waste money on hair cutting where prices were very high.In India there are so many salons available which give a normal haircut of 70 rs but they don't provide hygiene like their floors are filled with cutted hairs,the clothes they used are very dirty and also the towel which they used after shaving to clean customer face is very dirty,also the barber are not trained well they have not done any particular course on hair cutting and also customer have to waste so much time on barber's shop just for cutting his hair and waiting for other customers.MY idea is all about to solve such kind of problems. User Persona: What people really want is a good  experience.In my salon i will have a professional barber.I will make sure of hygiene. People will get quality haircut with affordable price and also they don't have to waste their time just for waiting other customer to leave .Customer can book a appointment through our app and can get hair cut from the barber of his choice.If …

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