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Smart Home

Team Members: G Kalyana Abenanth, Balachander S, Kuttralam V C, Sivakarthikeyan U Problem Statement: Advanced Home Automation Present generation working professionals tend to purchase high-quality home appliances. It is difficult to control and maintain all the independent home appliances. This leads to improper use of appliances for day to day consumption which results in high electricity bills and wastage of resources. So, our idea is to provide an effective advanced home automation system using AI and IoT detecting power consumption to minimize electricity bills and usage of resources. To develop a smart automation device that controls home appliances like light, fan, water heater, air conditioner,door…etc., using Android Application. This device uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize human activities over a period a time to recognize the daily schedules and automate the devices based on patterns generated by AI. User Persona: Savings:  The smart automation device monitors the presence of people in the room. If the room is empty then the appliances are switched off which saves electricity. Safety:  This device checks whether the door is open then alerts the user by sending notifications. Convenience and Control: The smart automation device performs routine tasks automatically, which controls home appliances using the android…

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