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Team Members: Aarushi Pandohi, Priyanshi Chauhan, Neha Chauhan Problem Statement: Today, in the current global scenario , we hear the news of women harassment , rape cases , eve teasing etc. more often rather than women achievements.Emergency systems in India are all decentralized and disorganized. Each city has different numbers for different services, but it's going to take a while for the government to get a central system up and running.These systems come into action after the damage is done that's why there is a need of devices that gives us prior warning about the areas they are travelling so that the unfortunate events can be averted and provide real-time help. User Persona: Rashmi is 25 year old working women who works on a client-based project and has to travel daily on various client locations. Alisha is 14 year old school going girl who goes to school as well as coaching. Sangita is a 55 year old women who is part of NGO and has to travel different locations for workshops. Interview: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TZwF8psVqHdxOA7WXzrig1HXebh4fHS9 User Journeys: For the above mentioned problem statement we have proposed an artificially intelligent wearable device that will take different inputs such as sensing the heartbeat of…

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