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Emotion Detector

Team Members: Aakash Rishiswar D , Sideeshwaran L B, Ajay Pranav M K , Kiran A K Problem Statement: A system for real time emotion detection. Normal systems shall reveal that you are happy or sad etc. Our proposal is to find out the exact percentage of emotions and to tell you which is dominant emotion of all. User Persona: The target audience for the problem statement are the Detective Agencies who can use this solution to find a way to calculate the accurate percentage of the emotion encountered by the subject. Interview: No we don’t face this problem on a day to day basis. But this problem is commonly encountered among the psychologically affected patients who often become emotionally numb or emotionally high. So we believe that our idea will help the psychologist’s treat their patients accordingly with their current emotional state by measuring their percentage of emotion. We already have solutions that detect whether the subject is happy or sad but our system is unique in a way it determines the percentage of happiness or sadness. So it could be useful for the detectives who interrogated subjects and measure the percentage of the current state of emotion to…

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