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Smart water leakage detection

Team Members: Abdul Aabid Khan , Anushka Panda , Amisha Singh Problem Statement: We are making smart water leakage detection device.... As we know water is very essential for everyone. In day to .day life demand of water is increasing because of high population so as the wastage of water.... So here we are making a device which can be apply in any of the water tanks for detection of leakage.... This device is very user friendly & can be used by general public easily..... It can be installed easily in any govt colonies water supply or in private houses or colonies... User Persona: Saving water is very important these days.... It should be kept in mind that fresh water will be over soon as per our daily consumption & needs.. many cities in  India are already running short of water such as Bangalore , Bihar etc.... As per some of the servey, land warer will be get finished in many states of India by 2030.... So we should be aware of the fact that we need to save water any how.... So this device will be very helpful to avoid unwanted waste of water . Interview: I live in…

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