Assistance for Visually Impaired(Blind People)

    • To come up with a device for the blind people which overcomes their day to day obstacles in traveling alone.
    • To devise a technology that assists the people, the one with partial or fully impaired vision or having trouble in sightseeing to travel with ease.
  • Visual Assistance: Blind people, age group 10-80 years

  • 1) I see blind people when I travel, I feel their trouble. 

    2) I would like to visit the NGO and connect with the visually impaired people to understand them better 

    3) Blind people generally use their cane or some other person for their assistance. But making a wearable belt with some smart technology, we can make their navigation easier. 

    4) There are few projects like a mobile app, which help in this. That requires internet connection. I would like to make a stand-alone system, also a belt with the embedded cameras adjusted at different angles, such that a better capturing of obstacles can be done. 

    5) Using Object Detection Model and other ML Techniques, we can apply and make a technology which can help them. A beep alert or commands like “move left, move aside” can be pinged. An integrated system could be made in order to help them. Some actuators/sensors can be there which identify the height of the obstacle. This is the proposed solution. 

    I am looking forward for this opportunity and for your guidance. Thank you 

October 7, 2019

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