Architectural Maintenance

  • The current stability of buildings is based on mathematical calculations at time of construction. Which may not always be accurate as it does not account for other natural disasters. If we could instantly re-measure it's stability, we can save money and could even save lives.

  • Any person who owns a building and wants to check it's stability.

    Especially the stability of old buildings/Monuments.

    Target audience is realtors.

  • Yes, I was very concerned about the stability of my house after the Chennai floods 2015.
    Yes, everyone in my locality was heavily effected.
    No experience of unstable building causing me damage.
    Manual/Labor repair of different parts of my house, when I feel like there's damage.
    Identification of all instabilities would cost me less on the long run, hence I'd be ready to spend what is necessary.

  • A realtor who wants to check if a house is unstable due to previous damages in the infrastruture could deploy my solution (UAV drone) to estimate damages and lifetime of the construction. So that he can either repair them or place an estimate on the price by taking into account the damages.

November 14, 2019

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