AR Everywhere

  • Sanjai Lal T S, Arun Vigesh V G, Bharani Surya S, Shivendra Dhanush C M
  • Customers in the shopping mall face difficulties in locating the correct shops for finding the preferred products due to the large size of shopping malls and navigation challenges.
    This also affects the shops which are not able to reach to right customers, the business also getting
    affected as customers are not easily finding it.

    In theatres, people face difficulty in locating the correct screen due to availability of more screens in a theatre and they also face a challenge in locating food counters and billing counters.


    Solution: As a solution to this problem considering the Win-Win situation for customers as well as business men.
    A mobile application for indoor navigation to reach each corner of the mall can be designed. And in a multiplex to locate all screens and food, bill counters.
    To display/ showcase the shop’s offers /discount to reach each customer
    Also, Customers can find the appropriate shop of their choice and required screen in a theatre an App can help them Navigate.

  • Public: People who visit the place. It can be a normal person, a disabled person, etc.

    Path: If the person is disabled he cannot use escalators to navigate.

    Details of destination: What do the destination path offer and its rating for it(can be used for business purpose too.

October 29, 2019

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