An Aid for the Blind

  • Sabesh , Sujith Krishna , Thiruvikkraman , Uma Meenakshi
  • Blind people face a lot difficulty trying to visualize the world around them. India constitutes to one-third of the total blind population in this planet ...

    Although several methods have been proposed in order to combat this, an effective way is to be developed to guide them in their routine activities like walking , analyzing objects, text around them and so on.

  • People who lost their eye sight partially or completely , striving to be independent.

  • Audio Link for Interview : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OTDsZV-tSLwBb4TYzXXG5AiNl4Hpx63j/view?usp=sharing

    Both the Interviewer and the Interviewee use Tamil to converse in the audio file ,the translated transcript is provided below.

    Interviewer: Your Name and Age ?
    Interviewee: Udumalai Parthiban , age 22 (Visually Impaired)

    Interviewer: Your qualifications ?
    Interviewee: MSW (Master of Social Work)

    Interviewer: Starting from the time you wake up, what is your routine like ,and what kind of troubles do you face?

    Target Audience :I wake up early in the morning to study, I move with technology always. Mobility inside my house is not a problem because am used to it, but when I move outside the challenge starts. I live in a village there is not much of population here and thus facilities to be independent is quite less , in the town too there is not much of a difference. I have visited almost 20 states in India frankly i haven't felt comfortable all alone , I needed help for my activities. I am completely blind but I can say, I can now manage alone with my blind stick with some assistance from the public. Say in a bus stop I approach someone to help me board the right bus , all these people do help me , but influence of technology is very less. But there are a few which do help like the laharilo app say if I want to walk for quite a distance ,I can set the location and navigate to the destination using it but they have limitations too. If the area is crowded or if traffic is high, a lot of problems start poping up. All these are the routine problems I face when outside. By the RPWD act everything must be made accessible for the impaired , Indian laws state the same too , although the situation is improving a lot of changes are yet to be made, especially technologically.

    Interviewer: How do you overcome such situations and what solutions do you suggest?

    Target Audience : I am a positive thinker ,so being psychologically ready is important. Helplines and "May I help you" services can be used to guide the impaired. Such helplines must be more generalized with a common telephone number that will really help in accessing them. Although it can be said that the impaired must independently do such activities but such situations cannot be sympathized unless experienced.Apps to know the bus number of the bus near us while in a bus stand will be really useful

    Interviewer: Say,if a device is developed to help you in your daily needs by giving instructions for example to read a sign board in front of you, or to know the bus number of the bus you are looking at ,and soo on ,will you welcome such a device.

    Target Audience : If there are too many commands it would be a disturbance, as we visually impaired use our hearing ability much efficiently the device should not be an obstacle for hearing. But if a proper device is developed such that we can depend on it for our activities is developed we would definitely welcome it.
    If we get a device which would give appropriate commands when we actually need them, then the device will definitely improve our plight.

    Interviewer: How much will you be willing to spend to get such a device?

    Target Audience : If the device is proper it will really increase my capacity ,so spending for such a device will be without any second thoughts of not buying it , approximately around 5000 Rs will be reasonable ,and subsides from the government are also available so cost will not be a big issue

  • Link for User Journeys image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ptd_yBh5TL5UhfoHVZewchS8frjbCxKv/view?usp=sharing

November 15, 2019

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