AI based surveillance system

  • Recently there has been a surge in the robbery attempts made on homes in Kerala. Most of these attempts have involved violence and have even caused deaths. To address these life threatening situations, most of the people have resorted to installing CCTV Cameras in their homes. The existing camera infra structure being implemented just provides video records for the happenings, but lacks a crucial security feature of not being able to detect suspicious activities and take live remedial actions. So to overcome this, we are proposing a system which makes use of AI. This system will sound a loud alarm inside the house when an unknown person or group of unknown people approaches any of the entrance to a house, thereby preventing burglary from taking place. Our product will make homes secure and can be successfully implemented later across organizations/public places for the prevention of all crimes in general.

  • Middle and upper middle class people in India who can afford CCTV cameras are our potential customers

October 6, 2019

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