• Hashim Abdulla ,Shivani Deo,Aathira Viswanath,Aleena
  • Lack of earth for Apartment  residents.

    Lack of time to manage a kitchen garden.

    Lack of knowledge about farming.

    Lack of fresh and poison less vegetables.

  • IT Employees 

    Govt. officers


    Home Makers


  • We discussed this with several people those who are working in IT companies,Running own business and Researches at Agriculture Department Kerala.They all welcomed our idea and given lot of suggestions.

    Some of them are facing this problem.There are several method to solve this issue, it requires money and man effort much.so that most of them not ready to install available methods.

    Some of them are ready to spend 35000 maximum to solve this issue.

  • Before

    People are busy with their works.They don't have time and space to cultivate vegetables for their daily requirement.They purchase poisoned vegetables from the market.They are concerned about health but no other easy way to tackle this.


    Precision farming System doesn't requires much time to manage and cultivate vegetables.It is completely automated.User has to spend an hour per week to check and manage the system.They can monitor and maintain system  using mobile app from anywhere,even during a vacation.Get up in morning and walk to our system and collect the pure vegetables for your breakfast.

April 19, 2020

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