Agricultural productivity

  • Sagar Mohanty,Asim Gope
  • Many farmers prefer to  practice the type of crops which are being used since their grandparents. They do not choose the crop which can get them more profit/more productive on their own land/soil. Many a time they take loan and do farming but the farming of crop results loss due to some factors(rainfall,soil,temp,etc) and sometimes this debt goes on rising and due to their excess debt they commit suicide. They did not get proper information about the type of crop to be grown on their soil so that their can be a better productivity.

    Recently the government imposed a ban on punjab farmers for growing paddy in the month of may because of decreasing levels of groundwater so they have to cultivate the crop in  the later months and after their cultivation immediately arrives the kharif season so to make their land suitable for next cultivation they have to burn the stubbles  present for which the air is getting polluted and delhi is becoming the most polluted city.

  • A farmer cultivating wheat continues to cultivate it and  the productivity goes on decreasing as the soil fertility goes on decreasing but he does not take any action. He does not goes to a mentor and asks for the advice rather uses a lots of chemical fertilisers and thus making the soil more poisonous and after the crop gets cultivated then it is harvested with the help of machines and thus some inches of the crop gets left with the soil and are called stubbles. That farmer will never use any manual method to remove those as it will be costly for him so he chooses to burn it and these stubbles burned create a thick smog and thus air pollution. 

  • I interviewed with a farmer nearby and asked him about the type of crop he grows, the type of equipments he uses,the labour he engages ,the seed he uses,and different methods of farming.

    He just explained me how he cultivates the paddy and the shocking thing was that he never grows any other crop on his land (other than leguminous crops) as he thinks paddy gives him a good profit.

    But when i asked if he has a loan and the answer was yes and it was getting him harder to repay it for which i suggested him to go to a mentor and discuss the  issue but he strictly refused. I think the lack of proper information or mentorship is making this issue.

November 13, 2019

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