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  • Agriculture is important now a days .we can make use of sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor, water level sensor and goes. It checks routinely and gives information to phone for daily analysis and of water level is low it will on the motor system and humidity is high we can on dehumidifier temperature level for sensors will depend on type of crop cultivated

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  • 1) Is  this problem is faced by u? (Why, When, Where and How?)

             yeah when am not in my home my plants will become dry i feel sad for it and for large crop cultivation now a days its not possible to go and solve each problem manually

    2)Will you feel good if we had a solution for such problems?

              yeah, it will safe many life of plants which makes us live 
    3) if there is a solution ?would you implement it?

                 Sure ,i would be happy to safe many plants and i love gardening
    4) How much would you pay to fix it?

                  i cant fix it because its a value of a plants which in turn human.......

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November 14, 2019

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