Advancement in Agricultural Technologies

  • Agriculture is the vital contributor of  our Indian Economy. Each year,lots of automated machinery are also introduced in Agrifield development.But there is no proper tool for common men to get these updates on a hand in hand basis. This is not just the case of educated people,but also applicable for illiterate people.

    So, i think it is necessary to introduce a platform which can provide  up-to date information in automated machinery which can be used by common farmers irrespective of the fact that the users are educated ones or not.

  • A variety of people will be privileged by the benefits of this innovative concept.

    They might ranges from Farmers or Agricultural enthusiasts who depends upon Agri-economy and  needs to get updated with innovative machinery which can improve their yield,` to the Students who learn Agri related technologies and methodologies.

October 5, 2019

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