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  • Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement
  • Mayank kashyap,Abhishek Ranjan,Shashank Singh,Abhishek Shukla
  • After attending the whole class sincerly with attention the students still left out with some doubts in their minds regarding subject which couldn’t get cleared by their shy nature or strictness of teacher, even in finding it on Google it might be possible that they can’t get cleared or it consume lot of time to reach to exact place where their want to be. This doubts leads to lose interest and disattached them from subject that is why class is always divided in two parts good students and weak students and this scenario remain same for every academic year.

    Due to this problem many among us started loosing confidence and feelings of superior and inferior comes in our heart. For that we are introducing a platform where any weak ,shy and interested students get cleared with their doubt  fastly  ,quickly  by their friends ,teachers or experts ,infront of whom they are frank and even this  will create  a change to communicate with teachers of their institution and others .It will be a platform where student’s doubt will cleared by themselves and will get help of teachers and experts of different institution also as other institution's faculty will also our group member

    This also solve a problem of distant learning it will be like teachers and students sitting in a dining table discussing their doubts without having feeling of inferior and superior. It will be also  helpful to those employees who are doing projects.
     Any section of society can use it for their own purpose with own selected members.

    Learning through videos and texts are aslo available .


  •  Advance E learning : Students,Teachers,Expert,Skilled and Unskilled members.

  • There are many students in our classes who have willingness to study or learn but they don't and I believe that one of the major reason is thier lack of interset which get started because of their fear of asking questions and strickness of teachers.Which eventually create separtion.

    For Example I know many of my friends but I want to discuss about my bench partner Bineet ,he come every day with clean and fresh mind to learn but as class goes on many doubts stuck in his mind and  for any reason he doesn't ask his doubt to teachers but he do ask with his friends .

    I will include myself also in example as I search my maths and chemistry problems in Google and Youtube but most of the time i ended with fraustrations only as it consume many time.

  • we will have quick and fast interactive platforms so that users can reach their answer very quickly.

November 9, 2019

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