AC Generator Maintenance and Control App

  • Srijit Panja, Ahammed Shamil K
  • Currently, a person needs to go near the generator and switch it on or off, needs to check and maintain for fuel level in it, proper controlling of parts, or defects or damages in them, which being manual is laborious. An app that could show the status of a generator in real time and help control and regulate it from a good distance could solve the problem. 

  • Anywhere where generators are used - offices, apartments, parties, etc.

  • Interview: AC Generator Operator in an apartment in Thalassery
    Me: Hi, you are the generator in-charge here. When renting the generator to parties etc, are there problems you are facing?
    Operator: Yeah we do face many problems. Especially when I am not there or there at a distance, tracking down the state of the generator, switching it on or off, checking fuel conditions become a problem.
    Me: Do you have any solution for it?
    Operator: Yeah. It will actually need another person to track the generator at the ground. 
    Me: At what time does a party end generally?
    Operator: Between 12 AM and 2 AM at midnight 
    Me: How much is the distance between the parties and your office in general?
    Operator: This will be quite some kilometers. 
    Me: We have an idea for solving this problem. Would you be eager to buy it and how much would you paid for it?
    Operator: We are also looking for this. If you implement this we will definitely buy it from you and use it
    Me: Thank you for your interest. We will call you with updates.
    Operator: Thank you.
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=11w5LVW7EZ6VYbeFpSzH_FuhenorBLXf0

October 26, 2019

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