Absence of SOS service/device in vehicles

  • Rashmi, Nandini, Divya, Kashika
  • Every hour 17 people die in India due to road accidents. There are reasons behind such accidents like the fault of the driver, fault of others, neglect of civic bodies, weather conditions, etc. We have often observed that other people hesitate to help the accident victim as they don't want to get in any police affairs. Many lives can be saved if medical services are provided at the right time and if their family could reach them as fast as possible.

  • SOS device will be beneficial for all the drivers, whenever they encounter an accident, the nearest emergency service will be called and they can be saved as early as possible. It will be available for all types of vehicle whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler, car bikes, scooter, trucks, etc.

    Since this device will help all the drivers in the condition of an accident, it will be a life-saving device for them.

  • According to nasemo.org Emergency Medical Services (EMS) plays a vital role in the post-crash effort to reduce fatalities by providing first aid and transportation to medical facilities. The majority of the death caused by traffic crashes happen before the patient arrived at a hospital, indicating that efficient EMS can reduce the impact of traffic crashes. 10 mins reduction in arriving time of medical service can decrease the probability of traffic fatalities by one-third.

    we conducted a survey about such a device, and its results are given in the document below.


    SOS device is available only in some cars like BMW, Volvo, and PSA Peugeot. Also, there are some devices in the market but they provide GPS tracking and SOS feature but only when the button is pressed. So, there is no such device available in the market which can be used for all vehicles, having an automatic SOS feature. 

  • Existing User -Everyday, around 400 people lose their lives due to road accidents. One of the major reason is they are not able to get medical services at the time of necessity. And it is also observed that people hesitate to help the accident victim since they don't want to get involved in any legal trouble.
    Accidents are frequent on highways. There is usually a delay in shifting the victim for medical care resulting in loss of lives.

    New Users-
    By using this device, it can be ensured that victims(if any) get medical attention at the right time.

    The device will send the current location of the accident site to the nearest medical service. This location and SOS message can also be sent to family members or friends if they add their mobile no. in the device.

      This device will be compatible with all types of vehicles. By sending the location of the accident site to the nearest emergency service so that they can reach as soon as possible. Hence this device will be helpful in saving many lives.

October 19, 2019

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