A Wakeup Call To Conserve Every Drop

  • Water, basic utility of life. It's always an alarming situation to save every single drop of water but how is the big situation. A growing population, lack of adequate planning, crumbling infrastructure, indiscriminate drilling of borewells, large-scale consumption of water, and a false sense of entitlement in using water carelessly are causing water shortages. The problem defined here would be about how to conserve water in our daily life, with the help of technology how can we sense the possibility of raining in a day plus about how much liters of water is stored at this moment. For Example, people living in Delhi have tanks for storing water, the device would basically give all the alarming signs for full loaded tanks, the possibility of raining and the amount of water stored in tanks( in percentile format).

    Phase 2:

    This defines the underground water level present and the need to take some effective measures such as rainwater harvesting, which would be the advice or pop-up alert given to the user. This would be only done if phase 1 executed in the required manner. 

    As an alert member of this world, water should be conserved because we have not taken from our ancestors but we have borrowed from our children.

  • The user persona for this problem are the ones who live in rural as well as urban areas. As the problem defined to have an impact on society as a whole. 

    It would basically give a sense of responsibility to the user, and yes this product can target many of there daily life problems. Moreover, we can have an impact to stop wastage of water with certain measures such as rainwater harvesting.

  •                                                                      Interview  Transcript

    This interview transcript presents the general view of the people around and also the solution to the issue. The major issue discussed is the scalability of water,  which is treated as an important issue as the tagline says “ Jal hi, Jeevan hai ”. A day without water is almost impossible. About 97 percent of earth water is saline and only three percent is fresh, out of which only one percent is readily available for human consumption. So, the basic initiative is to make a device that is reliable and can work in both rural and urban cities.

    1. Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

               Yes, I face this problem very often. This is a very basic problem that must be solved to live a sustainable life. Moreover, in many villages drinking water is not present. I realized this as a big issue as when there was one week we have to manage with a short amount of water, that was a big changing moment in my life. I try to save it wherever and whenever possible. I set my mind as “Save water today for tomorrow”. I started taking bath with the required amount, do not overflow it. My family helped me with this to see that no tap is being left open etc.

           2.  How to educate people on water conservation techniques?

    Many people living in our locality do understand the need for water-saving. Still, it's not in process. As the government of India has taken certain programs to educate students about it at school levels, Save Ganga, “Jal hai toh Jeevan hai” programs, afforestation, etc. But still, as an individual, we should take certain steps.

    1. Do you know anyone who does?

    Many of the non-profit organizations, Business organizations, in schools, colleges, public regions do take into consideration of saving water.

         4. How do I cover this issue?

    Basically, I will try to develop a device which could sense the rain( for the present day) as how much chances are there that the rain will happen, it will give a percentile output and will tell about the availability stored in tanks and an alarming condition would be there when they are full.

    Phase 2: After fulfilling the above criteria, I will look forward to telling the groundwater level and how much need is to harvest rain and attach a filter

    1. Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    Yes, in market the devices do exists which senses the rain ( Rain Sensors Modules)for the given dataset and are also easily available but my target is to store water, so yes this will be the uniqueness of my device.

    1. Who will be the target audience?

    As given above, this device will help the people in the most appropriate sense and a sense of responsibility would be there with the use of it.

October 11, 2019

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