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A connected device is an electronic device that is commonly used in our daily life like a smart phone. These devices are connected to a central network hub through any of the wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, bluetooth, GSM etc to transmit data regarding its application. This data is also used to improve the device’s performance over subsequent versions. The role of connected devices is not only limited to large scale end consumer products. Applications of connected devices for personal projects, monitoring remote areas, smart cities are also increasingly gaining traction.

It is estimated that there will be over 50 billion connected devices by 2020. This is a very good sign, as entire societies or even organizations will be digitally connected, resulting in numerous benefits like companies cutting down expenses by predicting the maintenance period of their products and hence improving the quality of their products.

Connected devices and IoT

Connected devices have played an integral role in bringing the concept of Internet of things (IoT) into prominence and being widely used as it is today. IoT is an enormous network or an ecosystem of connected devices connected to the existing internet infrastructure to enable the exchange of collected data through a platform. The data in the IoT platform can then be processed to address specific needs such as being able to predict a problem in the device, or scheduling maintenance based on the condition of the connected device. There are many IoT platforms, both free as well as paid, with a variety of dashboards to display data. Some of the widely used IoT platforms include ThingSpeak, dweet, ubidots.

The quick growth of IoT through the years has led to the emergence of a term called ‘industry 4.0’ which is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution which represents the current trend of automation and data exchange feature in manufacturing industries. However, there are no concepts without cons and the IoT is no exception. Since the entire process is through the internet, it is vulnerable to hackers. The data from the connected devices can be captured by the hacker and used for malignant purposes. But the number of pros outweigh the cons. IoT is a concept which will revolutionize the way we look at a device. The only limit to its application is our imagination.

More information about the IoT architecture can be found here Learn More


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April 22, 2020

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